About us

About us

We have a tradition. The beginning of production dates back to the early thirties of the last century. We have knowledge, experience. We produce gas equipment from our own hot forging products. We are a highly innovative company. We follow the policy of constant improvements of production technologies, existing products, development of new products. The basic principle of the company is to adapt to market requirements, specific customer requirements, global guidelines, all of which are upgraded with product certification in accordance with applicable standards.

An extremely important activity of our company is customer support in the development of unique products, which includes conceptual design, construction and production of a prototype, and assistance with certification. We provide short delivery times, which is due to the appropriate size and proper organization of the company. We focus on each customer individually. In order to ensure maximum satisfaction, we constantly analyze the needs and expectations and the achieved results.



Basic information about Pulko ventili Ruše.

We can be reached at: 00386 2 6730 344 and E-Mail adress info@pvr.si.


Sara Vinček

E: s.vincek@pvr.si
T: 02 6730 344



Nataša Pulko

E: n.pulko@pvr.si
T: 02 3730 348



Sašo Godec

E: s.godec@pvr.si
T: 02 6730 352


You can read more about the company here.